Why does WhatsApp ask for your name when you set it up for the first time

Why does WhatsApp ask for your name when you set it up for the first time


Whether you are creating your WhatsApp account for the first time or reinstalling the WhatsApp app on your phone and need to sign in to the current account, one of the steps you take during the initial setup process is to type in your name. Granted, the name claim is something familiar and usual when creating an account on any site or app in general, but it’s different with WhatsApp because your account name appears here as specified by each of your contacts and not the name you specified during the account setup. So what is the purpose of the name you choose? Is it just a routine procedure or what let me tell you from the following lines?

Every WhatsApp account is associated with only three pieces of personal information: phone number, profile picture, and name. Although the phone number is important information and it is necessary to disclose it to use the application, the profile picture and name are only optional information, that is, when setting up the account, you can click on the “next “option. It bypasses the selection of the profile picture, with the possibility of entering this information later if necessary by going to the account settings in the application and clicking on the “Edit” option. To add a photo, click on the pin icon next to the name field.

This is the name you choose to assign to the account owner and it does not have to be the same name that appears to your contacts to identify your account instead of the phone number. In fact, WhatsApp displays contacts by name that you have saved on the slide or memory of your phone.

For example, you may choose the name “Mohammed” when setting up the account but your father may have registered your number as “Mido” on his phone or the employees of your company have registered your number on their phone as “leader” whatever! WhatsApp will use the same name as the contact registered on the phone and not the name was chosen by the number owner.

So what is the purpose of the name you choose on WhatsApp?

As long as the name you specified is not used at all, what is the purpose of the answer is to identify the name of the owner of the number I used on WhatsApp, which means that this name appears to people who do not have in the Contacts of your phone. So, if you receive a message from an unknown person, you will be able to see the name he specified when setting up his account on WhatsApp, but this name will not replace the phone number that appears in the top bar of the conversation screen, but only appears under his contact information, especially under the phone number and the name is preceded by the rounding mark “~” as shown in the image above.

This is most useful in groups (Groups) where there are many people (non-personal) talking at the same time, so instead of presenting the phone number of each person only, the application displays the phone number and also makes it easier to distinguish individuals in the garage without having to save each number as a contact on your phone or remember their phone numbers or resort to services such as Truecaller find out the identity of the number owner. Since the name is optional, WhatsApp always displays the phone number next to the name as the only “confirmed” information about the account holder.

How to see someone’s chosen name on WhatsApp

If you’re curious about the name that someone specified when setting up their WhatsApp account, just make sure that the phone number of that person is not saved in your contacts, because that name does not appear if the contact is already saved on your phone.

With the above in mind, simply open the app and access the chat between you and this person, then click on the phone number that appears in the top bar of the chat screen, this will display the contact information for this account, including the “approximate name” specified by the account holder (after the~ sign). However, note that if there is no previous conversation with that number, the approximate name will not appear because the account is treated as anonymous and you must therefore send and receive a message from the other party to display the approximate name of the account.


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