Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Ground

 Why Do Dogs Rub Themselves On The Ground 

Dogs Rub

Granted: we can’t always smell our dogs, but we should always understand you. Why do dogs like to roll around in the mud? – A question we dog owners ask ourselves all the time, at the latest when Wuff, with a happy dog look and completely covered in mud or dirt, approaches us. Here you can read about why dogs roll in the dirt and how you can better manage this canine behavior.

Oh, my dear little piggy! Why do dogs get so dirty? There are several theories

A harmless walk, a quick glance from the dog, a jump, and there it is again: the beloved four-legged friend rolls in the dirt and seems to have a lot of fun doing it. Unlike us humans, he doesn’t care if the manure pile smells bad, which is why dogs love to roll in the dirt. But why do dogs really roll in the dirt? We can’t answer that question for sure. However, there are different theories that could explain this behavior.

Theory 1 – Camouflage:

For dogs, a walk with their master or mistress is a kind of “hunt.” If their noses roll in dirt or feces, they acquire a kind of camouflage smell that prevents them from sniffing out potential prey as quickly.

Theory 2 – Imposing:

There are times when dogs want to impress and be admired. If they roll around in the dirt, they will have a particular scent afterward. In this way, they attract the attention of the pack and become more interesting in some way. This theory is based on the following motto: better some attention than no attention at all. There is usually always a reaction to the new scent, whether it comes from fellow dogs or from the human family.

Theory 3 – Poisoning:

This theory is as simple as it is plausible. It states that dogs, who undoubtedly have an excellent sense of smell, simply like to smell manure, dirt, mud, and anything else around them. Some dogs may simply want to sniff out new smells. While humans apply perfume, our four-legged friends apply a little “nature”.

Dog Care and Maintenance

Whether it’s after a particularly exuberant round of gas or after playing in the mud. Can you get dogs out of the habit of rolling around in the mud? So far, the possible reasons for rolling have been clarified. The question now is whether it is possible to prevent the dog from rolling in the mud. But first, we must ask whether we should prevent Bello from behaving like a dog. The theories mentioned above are all understandable, at least from the dog’s point of view. For dogs, those natural smells they wallow in are by no means foul smells, quite the contrary: they smell good or at least interesting. So first put yourself in your dog’s shoes and ask yourself whether it would not be better to allow him to enjoy the pleasure from time to time – the alternative is to react quickly. In principle, you can only prevent your dog from rolling in the dirt. This is a dog’s natural behavior. You can try to stop it with a firm hand, but you must be quick. Tip: You can consciously choose walking paths that you know are free of mud puddles and the like.

Other reasons that push him to adopt this gesture

The expression of happiness. That’s right! When a dog is happy, he may run around like a madman, jumping around, barking, and rolling around on the ground. He’s probably trying to express his joy when his owners share a game of ball with him or when they get the leash, a sign that a walk is imminent. In fact, when the dog wants to play, he adopts the same attitude.

Eliminate the smell of his shampoo: You can be disappointed to see your dog rolling in the mud just after a good bath… He is not trying to hurt his owner, but simply to eliminate from his coat this chemical scent that has nothing to do with his own smell. And in this case, some dogs will not only wallow in freshly watered flower beds, but they can also roll in a pond full of mud! There’s no need to get upset, as this is a natural part of a dog’s behavior.

Getting rid of your own odor: Wild animals have developed a habit of rolling in items that emit a strong (even if nasty) stench. But don’t forget that, while being domesticated by man, the dog keeps its innate instincts. In any case, hunting dogs exhibit this attitude more frequently than other dogs. The animal can escape being detected by prey by masking its own scent. This is a hunting strategy that wolves use all of the time. Because they both belong to the Canis lupus species, it’s not unexpected that the dog and the wolf have some similarities.

Make a strong case for yourself. The dog has an instinct to demonstrate his dominance, even if he has never hunted before. This can be seen in a pack, but it can also be exhibited in an individual dog. He rolls around on the ground as if he’s gone hunting, soaking up the smell of muck or carrion, demonstrating that he’s a wild beast capable of bringing food back to his other canines. He doesn’t distinguish between a pack and his foster family members at these moments since he acts on instinct. This is a natural occurrence that should not be disrupted.

Soothe an itch: If you notice your dog repeatedly rolling in the grass, it may indicate that he is suffering from itching. He is trying to soothe it. This may be due to the presence of parasites or a skin disease.

Examine your dog’s body carefully to find the source of the itching. If it’s a parasite, simply treat it and then follow up with a preventive treatment to prevent it from happening again. If it is a skin problem, you should consult your veterinarian. Remember to treat him for ticks and fleas once a month and brush him regularly. If he continues to itch, don’t hesitate to consult a veterinarian, as your pet is probably subject to skin disease or allergy.

A way to let off steam: Rolling in the grass may have a final meaning. If it happens when he’s having his “crazy” moments or when he’s playing, it’s simply a way for him to express his happiness and joy. It’s a way for him to let off steam. All dogs need to let off steam and play, it’s very important to them. For your four-legged friend, it’s hard enough to stay cooped up in the house all day, so for him, the evening walk is a way to let off steam. He may express his contentment by rolling around on the floor. He wants to play with you, so don’t hesitate to share this joy with him… However, avoid rolling on the floor, too!

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