WhatsApp Gold V10 latest version 2022, immediate update

 WhatsApp Gold V10 latest version 2022, immediate update

Today, we present to you the latest update of WhatsApp Gold in the latest update of the version of WhatsApp Gold V10, the latest version of 2022, an immediate update.

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Explain all WhatsApp Gold features


WhatsApp Gold Download WhatsApp Gold 3 copies of WhatsApp Abu Arab, the original WhatsApp gold, blue and red in the latest new update, an update to WhatsApp Gold V10, the latest version of 2022, an immediate update, WhatsApp Gold V10.

  • We will provide you with the download link. In fact, many were waiting for the release of the latest WhatsApp Gold update. Many of these users are looking for the latest new update.
  • The original WhatsApp development team faced many problems while developing and updating to the latest version.
  • WhatsApp is against the ban, in particular, and this problem has been overcome with great merit. They carefully developed the app and also tested it on several devices and it proved to be effective in overcoming and controlling the banning problem which is considered a temporary ban.
  • After the WhatsApp Gold app users got the latest version of WhatsApp, they liked it a lot.
  • Moreover, this version contains all the features, and this version includes many wonderful and beautiful features and additions that were not present in the old versions of this app.
  • Among these powerful and new features, there is the ability to close the conversation with a secret code, that is, the conversation becomes secret.
  • And you can also send large videos of more than 30 seconds, while in the old versions, the user of the application can not use these features in addition to the functionality of hiding messages and recovering deleted messages.
  • Among the features, more than 95 features have been upgraded and improved, and one of the most important features of the WhatsApp Gold app is that the app is free from annoying ads.

WhatsApp Gold V10 with direct link 2022 latest version

At that particular time, this version did not include all the features that it was.
The problem with this version of WhatsApp has been resolved.
The location submission problem has been removed.

WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab update features against the ban, latest version V10:

  • Many old problems have been solved.
  • Add a group message to groups.
  • Better speed and performance.
  • Solved the problem of WhatsApp crashing.
  • The delay in receiving messages has been fixed.
  • The delay in downloading themes has been fixed.
  • Fixed the installation problem for some older devices.
  • The version is up to date and against the ban
  • The version has been upgraded to the version in the store
  • Extend the period or display time to 30 seconds.
  • Completely block the Internet from WhatsApp.
  • Extras Great privacy features allow you to hide reading logs without any problem, hide receipt cards and also hide appearance without any problem.
  • Add functionality to not delete messages from the conversation
  • Hide your view of the situation
  • Hide converted messages.
  • Download and save status
  • Add functionality to change the privacy of each person according to your personal taste.
  • Find a solution to the location problem.
  • Solving the problem with this version is obsolete WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Gold application features:

  • Hide your internet now: The best feature of WhatsApp, when you use this feature, WhatsApp will hide your last view.
  • You can prevent knowing that you have seen the status: this feature now allows you to know that you have seen the status of your friends in WhatsApp or WhatsApp groups, and to enable this feature, go to the top menu and select to hide it. have seen the status.
  • Hide writing a message: If you are typing, a box appears, type. This feature hides the writing or writing of your friends or groups.
  • Hide two acknowledgments: When this feature is selected, the person sending does not know that you have received and viewed the messages.
  • Hide readability: WhatsApp allows you to hide the red mark that appears when viewing a private message from someone in groups or in your contact, and that person cannot know that you have read the content of the message.
  • Hide that you are recording audio: If you want to record an audio clip and choose this feature, people will not be able to see that you are recording audio now.
  • The blackout that you listened to audio: By choosing this feature, it becomes difficult to know that you are listening to audio clips sent to you by the contract or in private groups among your friends.

Download the latest versions of WhatsApp Gold if you want to run 3 versions of WhatsApp Gold, there are three versions of the application which are red, gold, and blue. Regarding the blue version, you cannot install it next to the original one as it is not compatible with it. The versions also support all vulnerable phones.


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