What Is the Best Diabetes Diet for My Dog?

What Is the Best Diabetes Diet for My Dog?


With diabetic dog food, high blood sugar in pets is no longer a life-threatening disease. Thanks to their special composition, these special kibbles help to regulate the blood sugar level of the dog.

Hyperglycemia is a disease characterized by a high level of glucose in the body. This is not only due to a diet rich in carbohydrates but also to certain diseases and their treatment.

Choosing the right kibble can be difficult. This article is intended to provide tips on how to recognize kibble for a diabetic dog.

Basic ingredients of diabetic dog food

When a dog is diagnosed with diabetes, his diet must be modified.

Protein-rich kibble is the best food for him. These proteins, which contribute to the maintenance of the animal’s muscle mass, are accompanied by :

  • vitamins A, D, and E;
  • the fat content is about 12%;
  • The proportion of essential fatty acids is 2.7%;
  • Antioxidants such as copper, manganese, iron, and zinc.
  • About 19% starch.

The total sugar content should be as low as 0.55%.

How to choose a cable for a diabetic dog?

Before you start feeding your dog specially designed kibble, you should first consult your veterinarian. Only then can the purchase be made either in a physical store or online. More information on this site.

in a physical store

The following precautions are necessary when choosing these foods:

  • Read the product label carefully and ask the seller for details if necessary;
  • Ensure that the product selected is suitable for the physical characteristics of the animal;
  • Examine the configuration and compare it with the above.

On line

As for buying online, first, consider the tips previously mentioned for buying in-store.

It is then necessary to collect information about the products of different brands. For greater reliability, it is advisable to choose recognized brands with excellent consumer reviews.

As a recommendation, Hector Kitchen is a site that gives canine advice. This platform provides recommendations suitable for all needs and products with high-quality ingredients.

Before choosing food for diabetic dogs, it is obviously essential to make sure that the diagnosis is correct; in addition to the signs presented here, a veterinary consultation is necessary for this.

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