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What Is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started 2022

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How to Get Started 2022

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a means for freelancing online by promoting the products of other companies for a fee. Note that I am considered among the digital marketing business. Today we will talk about how it works and what types of affiliate programs exist.

Who participates in affiliate marketing

  • A regular affiliate campaign involves 5 parties. Let’s talk about each side in more detail. 

Marketing Partner (Publisher)

  • A marketing partner attracts traffic to goods/services by connecting them with the consumer. His main goal is to get people to act here and now: place an order, register on the website, fill out an application, that is, perform the necessary target action (Conversion Flow), which will put money in his pocket.

Partner’s tasks:

  1. find products or services (offers) for promotion.
  2. identify the target audience, identify its pains, problems.
  3. study the product, formulate its benefits, advantages.
  4. to make a marketing analysis of competitors, their weaknesses, and strengths.
  5. create marketing materials (ads, landing pages).
  6. attract potential buyers (traffic sources).
  7. optimize the campaign (test the components of the campaign, bring it to profit).
  8. scale an already quite profitable campaign.

Affiliate Network

  • Partner networks are platforms for offers and goods/services that companies promote. Networks are intermediaries between partners and the owners of offers, and advertisers.
  • The promoting accomplice Work with the membership program and straightforwardly with the publicist. But working with an affiliate network has a number of valuable advantages:
  1. Partner networks provide access to hundreds and thousands of offers in various fields and up-to-date information on what to promote.
  2. Partner networks hire a manager who can help with technical problems, suggest what is “hot” now, activate special offers, increase revenue, and much more. 
  3. Partner networks provide fast cash turnover. They make it divided or once every week, and with a huge number of deals constantly. Advertisers usually pay only once a month.
  4. Partner networks assume the risks of non-payment on the part of the advertiser. If the advertiser decides to terminate the cooperation without paying the required amounts to the affiliate, she will still pay the earned amount to the marketing partner.

Offers and verticals of partner networks

In affiliate marketing, there are such concepts as offers and verticals. Offers (offers) are specific goods, and services offered for promotion for a fee. Similar offers are combined into verticals (niches). For example, the fat-burning complex “Neo Slim” is an offer, it belongs to the vertical “Health/Beauty.” Each vertical has its own ways of promotion, traffic sources, and promotional materials.

what and how do partner networks pay

Partner networks pay only for the completed target action. However, so does the advertiser. Conversion flow is a series of sequential actions that the user must perform in order to perform this action expected by everyone. When it is completed, the conversion is counted. The advertiser pays the affiliate network, and she pays the marketing partner.

We will provide you some affiliate marketing companies

  1. Clickbank is a large aggregator of digital goods with a large selection of topics and products. The advantages of such aggregators include High commissions ― 80% and above. For comparison, on Amazon 5-6%. Rebills. For example, a person buys a weight loss course and pays 50 euros every month, and the webmaster is charged a percentage of this amount. Wide geo. For comparison, most Amazon sites are focused on the US market. Simple SEO. Getting the maximum amount of traffic is simple. It is enough to get to the top of the search results for a specific target query. High reliability. Clickbank always pays commissions to the web and returns money to customers for low-quality goods.
  2. Amazon is the largest marketplace and global e-commerce giant, headquartered in Seattle, USA. The company sells a variety of goods through the Internet environment and their subsequent delivery, which managed to achieve incredible success without having its own product. Many factors helped her to achieve such results: a rigid management model, continuous striving for growth and expansion, her own personnel selection system, the use and implementation of scientific and technological progress, complete disregard for competitors, and maximum concentration on people’s needs.
  3. Digi Store 24 is a service that takes care of all issues related to the process of customer interaction with the system, starting from the sequence of actions, ending with the transfer of funds and settlement of disputes. It is also possible to offer the use of products in DigiStore24 directly from the store. The commission amount will be calculated and presented to you only after the final installation of all tools. Billing will be performed automatically. Thus, you can switch all your attention to the issues of the main activity.

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