Tom Cruise: XXL parties, crazy guests

 Tom Cruise: XXL parties, crazy guests … The pharaonic project of the star for his 60th birthday

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise will celebrate his 60th birthday on July 3. The Sun revealed the details of the pharaonic project of the actor for this event.

Although he does not make them, the actor Tom Cruise will pass the milestone of 60 years on July 3. Professionally, the actor is on a small cloud, especially with the success of the sequel of Top Gun. Note that the film was a box-office hit worldwide with more than 700 million dollars in revenue. 

It’s a different tale on a personal level. Indeed, the actor of Mission Impossible lives a complicated relationship with his daughter, Suri. Suri Cruise, 16, lives with her mother, Katie Holmes, and is reportedly estranged from her father, according to The Sun.

Suri Cruise, for illustration, has made a complete conversion to Scientology. On the other hand, a Hollywood actress was keen to clear the air on the matter.” Do not be wisecracked by Tom Cruise’s movie star address; he’s well- clued in the schemes of Scientology.” In a tweet, Leah Remini brought it up.

Two simultaneous parties in two different countries

Many stars will necessarily attend the parties organized by Tom Cruise, announcing The Sun. One will be organized in the United States and the other will be organized in the United Kingdom. 

Moreover, the actor would have already chosen the Soho Farmhouse, a hotel in the Cotswolds for the party in the United Kingdom, still according to the media.

Prince William would be part of the guest list. A possibility that is not really surprising since the two men were displayed together on the red carpet of the last Cannes Film Festival. In this list, we could also count on David Beckham, James Corden, Simon Pegg as well as the actress Hayley Atwell. “It will really be an event with big stars, but also people who have worked with him on Mission Impossible and Top Gun and have become his closest friends,” a source told The Sun.

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