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The 7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2022)

The 7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2022)

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The email marketing tool determines the deliverability, costs, and overall effectiveness of email marketing. They chose an unreliable service that failed at the most crucial moment – they interrupted an important campaign. In addition, it is better to select a program based on the needs of the project – the number of shipments, the volume of the subscription base, the budget, and the features you need.

 To make it easier to choose, we have collected the most interesting mailers in our opinion and highlighted the key features of each of them.


The service is positioned as a unique marketing platform for small businesses. Facebook Instagram In addition to the tools for email newsletters, MailChimp has a website builder, a feature to serve ads and post on Facebook* and Instagram*

Feature :

  1. More than 250 integrations (Google Analytics, Facebook*, WordPress, Tilda, etc.) ;
  2. mobile application;
  3. DKIM in the free version ;
  4. ready-to-use email templates ;
  5. creation of individual design using artificial intelligence.

Cost: starting at $9.99/month for a base of up to 500 contacts.


A cross-functional platform focused on educational projects, business information, and B2B. In addition to direct correspondence, It contains many functions for creating landing pages, making contacts, online chats, and polls.


  1. built-in CRM;
  2. Facebook Instagram and Facebook ad launch functionality*;
  3. the ability to create auto funnels based on ready-made templates;
  4. newsletter analytics;
  5. automatic segmentation and tagging of the database.

Cost: from $ 10.50/month for a database of up to 1000 contacts when paying for a year.

Launching ads in social networks directly from the postal service will be useful to those who provide comprehensive services to customers (PPC, email marketing, creating lists of leads).


Multi-channel marketing automation system for B2C allows you to organize mailings by email, SMS, and Viber. Supports browser and mobile push notifications. The developers also promise to add functionality for communicating with customers via Telegram and WhatsApp.

Features :

  1. statistics allow you to analyze manual and trigger mailings separately, as well as quickly determine that an email has fallen into spam.
  2. it is possible to estimate the growth dynamics of the subscription base.
  3. there are many conditions for segmentation of the customer base.
  4. there are ready-made solutions for online stores (processing abandoned baskets, product recommendations, integration with the order database, etc.).
  5. integration with almost any API services and tools is possible (programmer help is required).

Cost: from 10 dollars/month for a database of up to 1000 contacts.


An English-language email marketing platform with a simple and intuitive interface. The developers emphasize that their product saves time when launching and running email campaigns.


  1. functional free tariff;
  2. the possibilities of A/B testing of different elements of letters;
  3. integration with Google Analytics;
  4. lots of templates and a built-in photo editor;
  5. ready-made automation scenarios.

Cost: from $ 15/month for a database of up to 500 contacts when paying for a year.


Multifunctional English-language platform for building communication with customers focused on small businesses. In addition to emails and email campaigns, it allows you to create landing pages, configure push notifications, and analyze not only mailings but also sales through the created pages.


  1. 700+ ready-made email templates and landing pages;
  2. simple automated email chains;
  3. a lot of integrations with payment systems, CRM, e-Commerce platforms, etc.;
  4. export of databases, letters, templates, subscription forms from other mailers;
  5. to test the service, you will have to link the card.

Cost: from $ 16.5/month for a database of up to 500 contacts when paying for a year.


Email marketing service focused on e-Commerce. It allows you not only to launch individual mailings but also to build full-fledged strategies, as well as track their effectiveness, including in money.


  1. functionality for A/B testing;
  2. automating the processing of abandoned baskets and stimulating repeat sales;
  3. deep analytics of the effectiveness of mailings;
  4. ready-made integrations with eCommerce platforms (Spotify, Magento, WooCommerce), as well as with Facebook* and many other services via Zapier;
  5. to test the service, you need to link a card.

Cost: from $ 19/month for a database of up to 500 contacts.


A set of email marketing tools aimed at small businesses. The developers emphasize the simplicity of launching email campaigns.


  1. ready-made adaptive templates;
  2. landing page builder;
  3. automated email chains and trigger mailings;
  4. segmentation based on contact information and behavior;
  5. automation to increase the operability of emails.

Cost: from $ 15/month for a database of up to 1500 contacts.

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