surprise: Apex Legends Mobile gets a new hero!

The mobile version of Apex Legend is at last accessible! To celebrate, the title shares a new trailer and a little unexpected surprise.

Fade is for mobile devices only!

When Apex Legends Mobile was announced, players wouldn’t have all the legends in this new version, only 9 of the 21 heroes in the PC and console versions, or Bangalore. I was disappointed to know. Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, Wraith. Today, as free-to-play games are finally available in our country for iOS and Android, we know that games have the right to a new hero, the so-called fade.

Why is this brand new hero extraordinary for Apex Legends Mobile?

The reason is simple. According to game format director Jordan Patz, Fade is specifically designed to run on smartphones and tablets. In fact, Fade’s passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities are all part of a fast-paced playstyle that Respawn believes is perfectly suited for mobile play.

apex legends mobile

But who is Fade? 

Fade is a variant of Wraith, in accordance with the developers, one of the heroines that have been handy at Apex Legends’ launch in 2019. He is described as “an extremely aggressive mobile fighter” who notably uses the passive ability Slipstream, a feature that allows our new Legend to move quickly for a short period of time after a slip.

The tactical ability, Flashback, rewinds Fade’s own actions to reappear in more strategic locations. According to Jordan Patz, “this ability was created to give less skilled players the ability to get out of a bad situation” and for more experienced players to “bamboozle enemies.

Finally, the ultimate, called the Phase Chamber, is defined as “aggressive and defensive.” This ability allows you to throw stasis grenades that prevent enemy players from damaging or receiving damage. Again, newcomers can use these grenades to get out of dangerous situations, while others can use them for strategic purposes.

You will also learn that Phase Chambers can be used to keep teammates out of harm for some time or to benefit from movement speed bonuses.

Apex Legends Mobile, standalone version

The developers of Apex Legends Mobile have once again pointed out that this new version is independent of the version available on PCs and consoles, taking advantage of the arrival of the game on our territory.

That is, it is impossible for a mobile player to participate in a PC player’s game, and vice versa. Also, note that Apex Legends Mobile does not share saves with other platforms and the seasons are different.

In addition, this difference is especially noticeable in various game modes of Apex Legends Mobile. Yes, in addition to the Battle Royale mode, which allows 60 players to play against each other, and the Arena mode, which offers 3v3, Apex Legends Mobile has a new deathmatch mode.

This new model is divided into two variations (Clash and Deathmatch), a new proposal that allows you to form two teams with six people.


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