Solana (SOL) To Hit $166 By 2025, Despite Current Bearish Conditions

According to a post from trader Altcoin Sherpa, who has more than 180,400 followers on Twitter, Solana (SOL) is predicted to surge to $60 in the best-case scenario or with Bitcoin keeping up its present green status.

While Altcoin Sherpa is optimistic about SOL’s success, he is uneasy about the durability of the cryptocurrency. Furthermore, Altcoin Sherpa continues to believe that SOL is quite bearish as of the time of publication, although there are still some good trade opportunities.

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According to data released by Coingecko on Friday, SOL is presently trading at $43.87, having increased by 18% over the previous seven days. The token had a flawless week overall, rising from $34 to roughly $47 before correcting.

SOL To Reach $166 by 2025 and $512 by 2030

SOL is predicted to remain relatively unchanged by the end of 2022. By the end of 2030, it could appear positive once more if you HODL. By the end of 2022, the SOL price will soar to $50, according to predictions made by Fintech and Web3 specialists.

Well, compared to the price projection given at the beginning of the year, this amount has really decreased by 75%. On a lighter side, the group predicts that by 2025, SOL might soar to a dazzling $166. In fact, it is predicted that the price would soar to a staggering $512 by 2030.

The majority of the panel of experts agree that the time to purchase SOL is now. Well, it’s pretty much split down the middle; about 29% think it’s time to sell the token, while 40% say it’s time to hold onto it. Furthermore, 55% of the respondents believe that SOL would likely exceed Binance in terms of TVL on the chain. So, whose camp do you belong to?

On the daily chart, SOL’s entire market value is $15.02 billion | Source: TradingView.com Paul Levy forecasts that Solana will reach $60 by the end of 2022.

Paul Levy, a member of the panel and an Expert Lecturer at the University of Brighton, estimates that SOL might reach $60 by the end of the year, mostly because of its empowered network or community. The efficiency and stability of Solana have long been emphasized by the SOL tech community.

Thought should be given to SOL’s concerns with dependability or outages. Since last year, and more especially since September 2021, SOL has experienced frequent and severe power disruptions.

The token’s price has increased by 5600 percent since the time of its debut. Solana still has a ways to go, particularly given the rising volatility of the cryptocurrency industry.

Furthermore, SOL has increased by 55% in just a year, demonstrating both its worth and its ability to reach even higher heights.


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