NX, you are not RAV! Test drive of the new (really!)Lexus NX

Revolutionary door handles, state-of-the-art electronics, customizations of professional racers – is it enough to prevent you from being considered a glamorous version of the RAV4?

lexus nx 2022

The first Lexus NX looked a little like a young man hiding complexes behind excess: broken lines, absurd surface interfaces, LED “tattoos” under the eyes – a kind of Morgenstern of the automotive world. And there was a reason – how to make people forget that in fact, this is just a Toyota RAV4 in a different body? The public bought and bought: in seven years, NX found 45,000 Russian owners. Not yet the RX, from which we diverge every year in circulation by about 10,000 copies, but also very good because the rest of Europe accounted for 120,000 cars in the same seven years.


From also on, the generational change for the little Lexus was marked by tone-acceptance since no bone teases and composes obnoxious memes, you can relax a little and no longer worry about your image. Overall, the picture remained the same, and in quick regard, the new crossover shouldn’t be confused with the old one but the old chaos began to take shape in accessible design ideas. Do you like, for illustration, the arrow formed by the stamping on the hinder doors? In the language of the ubiquitous particular growth trainers, we have a much more conscious and advanced personality.

Get out and get in okay

At the same time, the Japanese haven’t stopped being creative-it’s just that now their inventions are made not for show, but for life. For illustration, they offered a mini-revolution in opening doors, and I would be surprised if this result wasn’t snappily picked up by others.

Look the external handles are well fixed then-we snare, press the retired electric button, and open it. And from the inside you don’t need to pull anything to get out of the auto, you make the most natural movement- just move the door down from you, contemporaneously pressing the tableware key, which is located exactly under your thumb. Sensations- as if for the first time you are eating haze with a spoon rather than a fork, although out of habit, no, no, and you pour yourself with broth. 

In a sense, you are trying to snare this key with a reflex and, ultimately, a fresh movement. Still, this will also give the result-the electronic control system is duplicated by traditional mechanisms, so you do not risk getting trapped in the NX ice. And also is another prerequisite having felt that a bus (a motorcycle, a bike, an influencer on a hoverboard) is approaching from ahead, Lexus will not only give an alarm, like multitudinous others but will not allow you to accidentally open the gate. Plus it nearly completely eliminates the trouble of catching someone at the door., the key will have to be held for three seconds, during which the moment may be missed.

What happens outside? Why does the center press no longer look like it sneezed with a salad of buttons, keys, antique displays, and timepieces? Who at Lexus suddenly realized that you can draw compactly, and relevantly, and at the same time give a high style thanks to differing colors? How was this giant vault into fustiness suitable to do without sensory overlays, while maintaining physical controls where it was necessary? And where on earth did the Japanese find cool multimedia? With a huge 14- inch screen, the system is both beautiful and fast and relatively logically organized, and the erected-in navigation really displays charts and routes rather than the nostalgic sketches of the first Garmin models. True, Russification occasionally gives plums (for illustration, the design of a digital storehouse is named in the” Counters” menu), the full viewing system doesn’t indeed look miserable, but funny, well, such an endless screen could be divided into zones like the same”Koreans”-to contemporaneously see, for illustration, a chart and a music playlist. But in the environment of general progress, these are rather nitpicking-not all at formerly, in fact.

Another intriguing idea, although not as ingenious as the door handles, is the control of supplementary functions via the keys on the steering wheel tabernacles. In some ways, it resembles the ultramodern Mercedes on the left and right under the thumbs, there are touchpads that allow you to navigate through the menus. Only these menus are displayed not on the dashboard, but on a beautiful protuberance screen-that is, you don’t need to take your eyes off the road to get to the necessary information.

It’s not so easy to get used to this decision right down, but I dare to suggest that after many days of communication, everything should be in order. And if not, also just buy a cheaper interpretation, without a”projector”, with a further familiar steering wheel and a a9.8- inch central screen, which is also veritably good. True, a similar simplified outfit isn’t allowed for crossovers in the NX 350 interpretation-and it would be a pity to refuse it. But let’s talk about everything in order.


Some are more beautiful than others

The old interpretation is called Lexus NX 350, and we only offer it with the F Sport package. The differences in scenery are insignificant, but the sports seats may indeed feel too protrusive the side supports are thick then than in another hot door! Still, they clinch an average-sized person so confidently and precisely that they don’t want to be released, but want to leave. And be sure”three hundred and fiftieth” will support this action.

 Under the hood, we find a brand new2.4 turbomachine with combined injection, which develops 279 hp. and 430 Nm. It provides acceleration from zero to hundreds in exactly seven seconds, and this seems to be true on a wet road, downtime tires and with three people in the cabin, Lexus showed eight with a penny. 

At maximum pets, this machine is doubly as quiet as its atmospheric counterpart, but the main thing is that it isn’t indeed necessary to turn it there-the peak of thrust is formerly available from 1700 rpm, and how fluently and responsively the auto follows the pedal can only conquer. Such an NX no longer needs to be amped with a choice of driving modes, its character doesn’t need to be kept in mind- just pick it up and go.

 True, the disposition doesn’t particularly correspond to the F Sport nameplates indeed if you turn on Sport, the crossover won’t sparkle with excitement, while confidently maintaining noble mores. And the same goes for the suspense. 

Then, by dereliction, adaptive shock absorbers are installed, and they’re the alternate weighty reason for choosing the NX 350 interpretation. A fully different auto, as if the bus had lost many centimeters in the periphery! Dry strokes and minor itching on the steering wheel fully vanish, Lexus begins to bear with quality and at the same time doesn’t lose any energy intensity in delicate areas.

 Large swells of asphalt can beget some accumulation, but they’re simply treated with a dégagé (and still not fragile) mode of operation. Veritably good settings! It’s a pity that the test course didn’t allow us to check the exhortations of marketers that this crossover is also a motorist’s crossover-they say, it was born under the strict supervision of professional racers who have traveled hundreds of kilometers on tracks on prototypes.

It warms the heart of any auto sucker, but the reality is turned upside down by the questions” to what? and”to where?”. It seems to be a cool denouement near the Rostov-Arena, but the sleepy gazelle is formerly crawling there. Then’s a free cloverleaf-but no, there are big potholes on the line. And let’s be honest this isn’t an obnoxious coexistence, but our ubiquitous life.

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