How to Maintain Fresh Cat Food

How to Maintain Fresh Cat Food

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You certainly know that cat food has an expiration date, but did you know that dry cat food that is not well preserved will lose its quality? But then, how to keep your cat’s kibble over time once the package is opened? Why does my cat vomit after eating? Here are my tips.

Store correctly to keep the quality of your kibbles

Kibbles can stay in your cat’s bowl for some time without spoiling. But it’s not the same thing when it comes to storing the packages, especially when it comes to big bags (for example 15 kilos).

Of course, by buying a bigger bag, you will pay less per kilo. But you still have to be able to store them properly because otherwise, they will be less good for your pet. And it’s a pity especially when you buy a Premium range or veterinary kibbles.

What are the risks of bad storage?

Of course, you have to take into account the DDM or the DLUO but that’s not all because if you want to keep their quality, you have to take into account :

  • Some vitamins could be altered
  • The kibbles could be less crunchy

You may have already noticed that at the beginning, your cat will devour its kibbles, and then weeks, sometimes months, go by and you have the impression that it is sulking. It is not him who is complicated, the optimal conservation is not present, so the croquettes are less good.

Keeping his bag of kibble correctly

First of all, here are the good practices, it is just common sense but it is important to review the basics:

  • Keep an eye on the expiry date
  • It is important to keep the bag between 15 and 30°C
  • Store in a dedicated box

Indeed, this last point is important, but for optimal conservation, avoid a simple plastic box. There are conservation bags as well as boxes designed for this purpose.

This way, you will preserve the vitamins and the freshness of your feline’s kibble for a long time. Some models have a wheel to make it easier to move the container. There is nothing better than an airtight box to allow your faithful companion to eat succulent kibbles (you will thus avoid oxidation).

A subscription is a good alternative solution.

As you can see, if you only have one cat, it is better to buy small bags of kibble (it is not a dog). This way, you will have better control of the expiration date, and once opened, the package will stay that way for a shorter time.

But, this requires more organization, and some people are afraid to run out of kibble. And inevitably, if one Sunday evening you find yourself with an empty bag, it could quickly become problematic.

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