How to keep your car’s luggage compartment clean ?

 How to keep your car’s luggage compartment clean?

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Many motorists are familiar with the problem of water accumulation in the luggage compartment of a vehicle. The phenomenon is unpleasant and requires a quick solution. Otherwise, you can face more serious problems – mold formation, respiratory diseases, etc.

As a rule, liquid accumulates under the spare wheel. Due to this, an unpleasant odor gradually spreads, and rust chains the metal of the car body. Consider what is the cause of the appearance of moisture in the trunk and how you can deal with it.

As a rule, an unpleasant phenomenon is associated with natural causes, and not with a technical malfunction of the vehicle. If there are “temperature oscillations” on the street, when the negative time abruptly changes to positive, this can lead to the formation of condensate in the luggage compartment of the car.

Condensation in cold weather can occur not only due to temperature differences. Another common reason is the large difference between the temperature inside the vehicle and outside. Humid air, which is heated by a hot stove, enters the luggage compartment. Drops of water begin to appear on the cold parts of the body in this place. Solving this problem is very simple – it is enough to wipe the areas with a cloth.


If the problem is not condensation, it is worth checking the sealing gum in the vehicle. It is better to inspect the rubber element in the lid or tailgate. If the car is in operation for a long time, the gasket may move. A minimal deviation from the norm is enough to form a gap – it is in it that the water will pass. You can solve the problem by repairing the gasket, treating it with silicone grease, or replacing the element with a new one.

Mounting the rear lights

Sometimes cars with high mileage are faced with another problem – the taillights are loose. Such changes may not be noticeable at first glance. But moisture will accumulate in the cracks and penetrate inside. The conclusion is obvious – tighten the bracket and return the optical blocks to their original position.

Ventilation holes

 If you remove the rear bumper from the vehicle, you can find wide hatches covered with rubber curtains. The main purpose of these elements is to relieve excess air pressure that accumulates in the passenger compartment. In addition, these holes provide additional ventilation for the car.

Moisture can get inside the car through these holes when they lose their integrity. You can solve the problem – replace the old curtain with a new one. If the problem is in the valve frame, you can fix it with putty.

Welded panels

Moisture in the luggage compartment can penetrate if the strength of the seams of the body panels is lost. You need to carefully examine all the defective places in the car. As a rule, they are located near the fuel tank, and side channels. If there are seam violations, a hydrophobic sealant can be used to eliminate the defect.


The appearance of moisture in the luggage compartment of a vehicle is a common problem in used cars. There are several reasons that can lead to such a defect.

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