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how to get on the first page of google in 24 hours

 how to get on the first page of google in 24 hours

Leading search results on Google and getting the first results today has become important for many activities and emerging sites, competition on search engines has become more difficult than before, appearing in advanced rankings is the main way to make money from the internet.


Due to successive SEO updates to search engines that have made SEO more complicated than before, you should initially understand the mechanism of updates to get better results.

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What are the search results?

Leading search results is to get the first results in search engines on specific keywords so that when users search for these words, it shows them your business activity or your site, so you can get traffic from search engines free of charge.

We will learn in this article how to top the search results on Google sound and Legitimate Ways and we will show you the most important and best ways.

1. User experience

  • Do you think that link building (backlink) alone is the basis for appearing in the U.S.؟and search engines?
  • Have you ever seen sites that rank first with no or few backlinks?
  • I’m sure you’ve found many of these results and every time you find that your mind starts to get distracted, and you start searching here and there again to find out what’s new And what you don’t know, And what’s the secret to getting some backlinks?

I’m going to explain to you today how to get those sites to the top of the search results only in high competition areas without sufficient backlinks or links and I’m going to give you proof of the honesty of my conversation follow these steps first:

Get into one of these top sites without ads.

Let me tell you what you see before you: 

Fast website + great content + easy navigation = great user experience = top of the search results!

Yes, user experience User experience can sing you anything, or in other words, a low Bounce Rate is the secret to viewing Google search results without punishment.

User experience is the second most important factor in search engine ranking.

Before you can get a high-quality backlink, you need to make sure you get a good user experience, make sure the site is fast, and configure it better.

2. Good content

If you write a good and useful article, others will not refer to this article in their blogs, if you write good content, I guarantee that your article will be mentioned on many other sites.

If you are a reader, will you return to a blog or website that does not offer you a new benefit Visitors do not want to waste their time on frivolous and nasty content!

You should make your content valuable but how do you do it The idea is to make sure that the content is informative, simple, and offers a real idea.


3. Internal links

Why use internal links for short one-or two-word phrases just because you’re targeting certain keywords Don’t do it for it for your visitor.

Try placing internal links to important content on your site using long and exciting search terms to find out more.

If you look at my SEO master’s content and how I use internal links, you’ll understand what I’m aiming for.

Note: If you’re using WordPress, you don’t automatically make internal links based on an add-on, it won’t help you on a journey that leads to search results on Google. 

Tools to help you check the internal links of your site:

SEMrush Site Audit

Internal Link Analyzer Tool – SEO Review Tools

4. Beware of long paragraphs

Do you think that long sentences indicate how much knowledge and experience you have Sometimes when you write long sentences, the visitor gets bored, and in the end, they leave your site quickly, this means that there is no chance for them to visit a new page on your site!

You should split long paragraphs and use subheadings to split your essay and ideas!

5. External links (l Your)

Do you put an external link to other sources in your content that are good! Make External links open on a new page so that you do not lose the visitor and return to you after completing the source. 

You should also take care of creating high-quality links to your site, as a successful روابط strategy will help you gain additional external power to your site.

Tools for checking links Il:

If you have good content and you have applied all of the above, it is certain that your bounce rate has become less than 40%, if you succeed in the application will be an easy and uncomplicated process of issuing search results.


In order to catch keywords in Google and lead search results, you have to have a good user experience, the key factor to having a good user experience and a low bounce rate is to write good content that offers real value to users.

Do not treat SEO as an automated system, the purpose behind SEO and search engine updates is to reach the real value that provides benefit to users.

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