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How to create a PayPal account and receive money?

 How to create a PayPal account and receive money?


Simplify your transactions with this application that facilitates payment transactions and fund transfers around the world. And it’s free.

At a time when online shopping is becoming more and more popular, the fear of entering one’s bank details and becoming a victim of malicious acts is also on the rise. However, there are several ways to reassure yourself and protect the security of your personal data when you surf the Internet. One of them is to use a secure online payment service that makes the connection between you and the merchant site, without you having to provide your bank details. Discover how it works.

PayPal, what is it?

Paypal is a free online payment service, accessible to all individuals. It allows you to pay for purchases on most merchant sites that you know well without entering your bank details. But also to organize kitty for events, and to transfer money to another individual in no time. Not only is the site 100% secure, but when you make a purchase, you can also benefit from purchase protection and refunded returns (under conditions). Via the application, but also thanks to QR codes, you also have the possibility to pay your purchases without contact as you would with a bank card. Otherwise, you can also use PayPal to earn money on the internet.

How to create an account on PayPal?

To create your PayPal account, you just have to go on the website (or download the application in the store). Select the option “Open an account” and choose an individual or business depending on what you need this account for. Note that PayPal is not a banking institution, so there is no need to provide any documentation. Enter your phone number, contact information, and banking information. Once they are registered with PayPal, you will never have to enter them again on a merchant site as long as it is a partner. All you have to do is select this payment method when you confirm your order. In order to authorize the transfer of high amounts to your account, the application has set up a security system that makes micro-transfers (of a few cents) to your bank account and then asks you to enter the amount of these transfers to verify your identity. Once this step is completed, you are free to use your account as you wish. You will be able to pay for your groceries online and transfer money to your friends and family, ask them for money, or pay someone back by entering their phone number or email address.

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