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How to create a free Blogger blog (step by step) 2022

 How to create a free Blogger blog (step by step) 2022


Owning your own blog is great because you can share anything you want (… And if you are wise, you can also earn a decent income from your blog). To complement you, you also have a blog that has prepared this comprehensive guide on how to create a free Blogger blog.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are currently searching for ways of bringing in cash on the web. The obvious way that most people find it easy to make money online is through blogging.

Blogging is really a proven way to make money. I have been earning a decent income from blogging for over 5 years now and I can say that anyone with hard work can make money from blogging.

If you are one of those people who want to make the most of your free time, blogging is a great way to not only make money but also improve your online impact. So, if you’re looking for ways to create a free Blogger blog, this detailed guide is for you.

If you’re looking for ways to create a free blog, I highly recommend you consider using the Blogger blogging platform, as it’s not only easy to set up, but you can also start making money with Adsense.


Blogger is a simple free blogging platform with largely limited basic customization options, making it more suitable for personal hobby blogs. Blueger is a Google-owned platform, so by using your Google account, you’ll be able to create a blog immediately without worrying about technical complications.

What is written in the blog?

The truth you need to know is that you don’t need to be an expert on your new blog, but you just need to have love and interest in it so that you don’t get bored talking about it again. Your personal experiences as a lobby that may be flawed are valuable in the blogging world, as many readers seek out blog content for the personal imprint of things.

For example, if you are going to create a code on exercise, readers will not be attracted to systematic academic content on exercise, but rather prefer to learn more about your experience with exercise and how much weight you have lost? And what methods did you try and fail at first until you got to where you are now? If you’re still confused about what to blog about, consider the following three areas that are widely popular in the blogging world:      

Hobbies and interests

Think about your hobbies and interests, for example, sports, politics, cars, art, humor, history, games, cooking, fashion, beauty, education, decorating, photography, books, and reading. While these are all common hobbies, your hobby, no matter how unusual, can be a successful topic for your blogs.


Life Experiences

Each of us has our own life experiences through which we learn many lessons, and sharing them with readers will be more useful than expected. Example: travel and parenting experiences, charity work, online work experiences, customer engagement, home learning experiences, etc.


Diaries and thoughts

This type of blog is all about you and includes a variety of topics from your daily habits from day to day, to your random thoughts and musings on anything. It’s an easy way to share your thoughts with the world without having to create a blog about a single topic.

It is not a requirement to choose only one topic for your blog, you can combine more than one topic, and there is no obligation to keep blogging about one topic forever, whenever you can change the theme of your blog to another topic you prefer, and you can try more than one topic until you get to the topic you like to write about and learn more.

Steps to create a free Blogger

Creating a Blogger blog using a platform is really easy. I will give you some easy instructions and follow them accordingly.


  • 1. Google Access

 To create a blog for free, go to and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account on Gmail, you can create an account for free.

Once logged in, click on “New Blog” or click on this link to go directly there: create a free blog.


  • 2. Give your blogs a name

The first thing to do is to add a name and specify the specialty of your blog (cooking, teaching, …). I suggest you read “How to select a domain name” for more information.

Avoid using your personal name as the domain name, and instead, use a public domain name that you can register later with a custom domain/domain.

You can then select a blog template (you can change it at any time) and click on “Create a blog”.

3. Preparing your new blog

Now your blog has been created, but you’re not done yet!

You need to define some settings on the newly created Blogger blog to make it easier to use.

You are now in the Blogger Control Panel where you will see the back-end of your blogs. From there, you can go to Settings and make changes to improve the appearance of your blog.

  • 4. add a good post

From there, you can click on “New Post” and start writing your first blog post!

  • 5. Setting up your blog template

Setting up a blog template is the most important, but you need to have a post to see the real look of your blog.

Go to Settings > “Plan / Template” and edit the template from there.

On this page, you can also add a logo to your blog head in Blogger and add or remove various other features.

On the same page on the side menu of your Right screen, there are many other options that control the appearance of your blogs such as appearance and others.


  • 6. enjoy the blogger’s blog money

Your blog is almost finished, and you can begin writing posts. There are a few things I recommend you do, and the rest you will discover for yourself.

Here are some tips for choosing your blog name on Blogger and its template: 

  1. Don’t name the blog after yourself unless it is about you personally or your own topics.
  2. Choose a name that expresses the blog’s specialty, to link in the visitor’s mind that your blog is the blog where they will find information about that field (e.g. sports blog, preferably with sports or sports synonyms).
  3. The name can be changed later if you wish, but this will confuse your blog visitors, so try out names in the early stages of launching the blog until you reach the name you choose once and for all.
  4. We recommend that you choose a template that looks attractive and compatible in its view with different devices and browsers.
  5. If you don’t like any of the available templates, you can change them later and choose between other templates offered for free by third-party sites.

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