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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Site 2022

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting for Your Site 2022

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What is hosting

Every website is hosted on a computer/server located somewhere in the world.

The server’s function is to host the site, store its files, and manage the technologies associated with running the site.

When you open a remote site like Facebook or Google, the page that appears in front of you is a file on one of the company’s servers in America.

What are hosting companies?

Web hosting companies are companies that own giant servers that rent these servers or parts of them to website owners.

The site owner pays a monthly or annual fee for the hosting company to host their site.

Is there a difference between hosting companies

Of course, there are many differences between hosting companies, as well as between the packages that the same company offers to customers.

There are differences in the quality of service, server speed, level of support, price categories, free offers, and technologies used.

Our main goal at < Link > is to review different hosting companies based on the hosting evaluation criteria described in this article.

What is the difference between scope and hosting?

To simplify, we can say that the domain is your home address, and hosting is the space where that home is located.

Your domain is the address of the site where visitors go to your site, for example: “www.scoopdz.XYZ”, and hosting is the space where your site is available to become available online, which we explained in the previous paragraph.

But what are the types of hosting?

Shared Hosting

If you are looking for the best economical solutions to host your site, co-hosting is your good choice, because several sites are hosted on one server, and companies usually offer this service at reasonable prices because there are a number of sites on the same server, which is due to the cost of the server of several parties and not unilaterally, and this service is considered one of the cheapest and best hosting services for small sites!


Reseller Hosting

Resler allows you to use your dedicated server space and other features such as bandwidth and redistribute it to host other sites, i.e. this service gives you the possibility to be a web hosting company yourself or to group your sites and your friends’ sites with you in one place on the same server.


Private (Full) Servers – Dedicated Servers

When your site reaches a high level of data volume and visitor growth, you will need a more advanced hosting service that allows you higher resources to run your site properly without interruption and be able to manage your site efficiently, and this is the role of private or full servers, In this service rents a complete server without sharing with any other customer, and become the sole controller in the server of the choice of the operating system, hardware, and management of the entire server, some companies offer these managed servers to provide the customer The problem with the process of preparation and management is that it requires a great deal of experience in managing systems.


Virtual servers – VPS

Virtual servers are a hosting environment that simulates a service (full servers), and to simplify, it is a virtual server within a real private server with high performance and advanced hardware specifications, the company gives you this virtual server with part of the resources of the real server (space, processor cores, RAM, etc.), you can manage it as any real server is managed, where you fully prepare and control it without informing anyone of what happens within the server until the host company. Unless this server is managed, the host company is responsible for preparing and processing it on your behalf.


Cloud Servers – Cloud Servers

This is also a virtual server that has the same capabilities as real servers but is different in the way it works and different from the VPS servers we talked about earlier in that they use the resources of several real servers connected to each other, and when you use this service, you will benefit from the presence of a large number of servers that your cloud server depends on, so you can increase the capabilities and resources of your server more widely at any time.

 Best web hosting companies (Giants List 2022)

1. Bluehost hosting

Blue Host is one of the most famous and largest companies offering web hosting services and is considered the most famous and best ever in the world of hosting, with a long history of 20 years… Founded in 2003, it is actually an American company. 

Besides being an American company with users all over the world, Blue Host is also one of the most used hosting companies for Egyptians and Arabs in general, so you will find a lot of explanations about this company in Arabic if you need them.

Here is some important information about Blue Host hosting:


  • You can start with them for only $2.95 per month.
  • The domain is free for one year.
  • The storage space is 50 GB.
  • Bandwidth (data transfer capacity) is unlimited.
  • A number of sites on the same package: one site (here we are talking about the cheapest package, but there are other packages that allow you to work on more than one site).
  • The SSL certificate is free.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


Book Blue Host hosting now at the best price

2. HostGator Hosting

The logo of Host Gator is that it is a hosting that goes from easy to professional level, which means that it offers packages for all levels of websites and online stores, and you can start with the simplest and cheapest packages, and if your site grows and reaches the level of professional sites entered by thousands of visitors daily, you will find packages that suit you.

Hostgator also has over 2 million users, with successful websites, blogs, and online stores from all over the world, HostGator customers enjoy the benefits of fast and professional technical support, and a top-notch team that continually develops and adds new enhancements to the platform. 

Here is some important information about Host Gator hosting:


  • The price starts at $2.75 per month.
  • The domain is free for one year with all plans.
  • SSL certification is free.
  • Storage capacity is unlimited.
  • Email accounts are unlimited.
  • Free service to move sites from another hosting.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unlimited bandwidth data transfer capacity.

Book the Gator host now at the best price


3. iPage hosting

iPage is one of the oldest and longest-running hostings in the internet world, one of the most popular hosts in the market, and trusted by many customers with successful websites.

IPage hosting is one of the cheapest hostings of all time, and when we put the features and functionality it offers to its users, it literally takes the title of best hosting with fairer prices.

The logo of any page hosting is that it will give you all the features, tools, and functionality you need to start appearing online. Behind this logo are many features, such as the site builder tool they provide, and of course, they provide a ready-made addition to WordPress sites.

Here is some important information about hosting iPage:


  • The price starts at $1.99.
  • You can use the hosting to create an unlimited number of sites.
  • SSL certification is free.
  • The domain is free for one year.
  • Unlimited data storage.
  • Free scanning of site files to ensure they are virus-free.

Book iPage hosting now at the best price

4. A2HOSTING Hosting

Hosting great sites with all the meaning of the word, I have not tried it myself, but I have friends who have tried it and prefer it to others.

You offer the ability to return money paid whenever you decide to cancel your account. They have a premium support service that also provides instant chat support and phone calls.

Coincidentally today, A2 Hosting is celebrating its 18th anniversary, so it has some great deals and prices. But more importantly, it indicates its success, spasm, and quality of services provided (why else has it continued marketing for 18 years?). 

One of the most popular features of this hosting is the speed and good performance of the sites you host, and to achieve this, it uses the best types of servers and storage units, which really makes it a great choice for anyone who wants a fast site with excellent performance.

Here is some important information about A2 Hosting:


  • Prices start at just $1.99 (this is a special 18th-anniversary price).
  • The cheapest package comes with the ability to make a site through it.
  • Make sure the money is refunded at any time.
  • The data storage unit is 100 GB.
  • SSL certification is free.
  • Free location transfer from other hostings.
  • There is no free domain.

Book a two-host host now at the best price


5. Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger is a European web hosting company based in Lithuania. It is one of the famous hosting companies and has become particularly popular in recent years, especially in our Arab region, as its official website is available in Arabic.

Houston is based on the horizontal spread in the market, with many other companies, including free hosting services, including the same as Hostinger but under a different name.

However, Hostinger is one of the giants that deserves to be placed on this list, because of its quality and stability in the market, and it always works to earn customer satisfaction and puts this its priority in all its decisions.

But what really sets this hosting apart is its competitive prices compared to other companies in the market, it and no competitor offers the cheapest price in the market, and it is great that this is not at the expense of quality or efficiency.

Of course, they are like the previous companies offering private and ready hosting for sites that use WordPress, and as we mentioned have a wide variety of hosting suitable for everyone.


Here is some important information about Hostinger hosting:


  • The price starts at $1.39 per month.
  • A site in cheaper hosting.
  • The volume of 30 GB.
  • Emile is only a professional.
  • The monthly visitor limit is 10,000.
  • You can get your money back within 30 days.
  • There is no free domain.
  • SSL certification is free.

Book the host now at the best price

Best free hosting from InfinityFree:

This hosting is considered an English version of hosted by Host Soe, which we talked about some time ago in the list of best free hosting, there is no difference between them except that one is in Arabic and the other in English and of course with different names.

This hosting offers you the opportunity to set up a website using WordPress or any other platform and start working on it for free with some restrictions on the number of resources your site can use daily.

This hosting is one of the hosting companies that rely on iFastNet as a service provider and if you want to upgrade the free hosting to the paid plan, you will be redirected to the original hosting site.

  • InfinityFree hosting features:

 Hosting is 100% free and ad-free on your site and you don’t have to pay any fees you don’t need an e-payment card to sign up for hosting, and it has very simple sign-up steps and anyone can create a new free hosting account in minutes.

As far as hosting resources are concerned, like all the companies on the best free hosting list, they are very limited but generally better than other companies but have the same limitations in host hosting like this.

  • InfinityFree hosting shortcomings:

Like other hosting companies in iFastNet’s best free hosting list, this hosting suffers from low potential, and instability due to the site’s occasional blocking of the daily resource usage limit.

In the end, there was no so-called “best hosting” or “fastest hosting”, etc. In absolute terms, hosting performance is greatly influenced by the site being hosted and the script used to create it. The quality of hosting even varies from department to department within the company itself.

Choosing the best hosting company depends on knowing exactly what your site needs and looking for the best company to meet those needs. We’ve reminded high quality web hosting companies with the pros and cons of each company to compare them and choose the best one for you

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