How To Choose The Best Dog Shampoo

How To Choose The Best Dog Shampoo

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It’s nice to have a dog that is always clean and shiny. For some breeds, this is relatively easy, but for others, it requires a few baths each year. 

However, your companion cannot be washed with the shampoos commonly accepted for individuals (including those “washing” bases called soft or neutral) or even those specific for babies.

Indeed, your companion’s skin is different, on many points, from ours.

If bathing is necessary once or several times a year to preserve the beauty of their coat, the dog shampoo selected must be rigorously chosen according to the type of skin and the specificity of their coat. But how to make the right choice. We’ll give you a few essential tips.  

Their skin is more sensitive than ours. Indeed, the dog’s skin has its own characteristics and specificities. The epidermis (the upper, protective part of the skin, which is also composed of the thicker dermis) is thinner in dogs than in humans and has a different physical and chemical composition.

Environmental or chemical pollution, dust mites (allergens) that can generate dermatitis, itching, and various inflammations are all external aggressions.

Human skin has an acidic pH of between 5.5 and 6, while dogs’ skin is close to a neutral pH (between 6 and 7).  

Therefore, products specifically designed for dogs contain effective cleansing agents (sometimes more powerful than for humans) but are fully tolerated by their skin.

The ideal shampoo is skin-friendly and contains sugar-based surfactants (sucrose, fructose, glucose and starch), fruit-based acids, or softening but moisturizing ingredients such as essential fatty acids (a selected quality coconut oil is a perfect solution, for example).

Extracted from fruit or milk, lactic acid or urea is an excellent hydro-fixing agent originally present in the skin. 

At the same time, Aloe vera and oat extracts, natural substances, are ideal for soothing itching (to combat fleas) or other allergies that cause dander.

Beware, however, of the temptation to use so-called natural products such as Aleppo soap, Marseille soap, or even black soap. Indeed, these products, although apparently natural, develop an enormous drying power generating unfortunately itchings and irritations. Moreover, they can turn out to be real disasters for the beauty and the shine of the hair.

Quality shampoo, preserved skin, and coat!

You will find on the market, and more specifically at La Ferme des Animaux, shampoos for dogs according to skin or coat problems (anti-tick and anti-flea, anti-allergic, anti-itching, anti-hair loss, ….).

First of all, you must know the type of skin of your dog, whether it is oily or dry. To this end, it is essential to contact your veterinarian who will be able to give you very precise information, allowing you to choose the appropriate shampoo.

If your dog has oily skin with a tendency to produce a lot of sebum, which is essential for the animal’s external protection, you should choose a shampoo with an astringent effect.

On the other hand, dry skin produces less sebum, and a product containing a rehydrating vegetable oil is recommended.

Also, we will propose specific shampoos for the fight against parasites (anti-tick and anti-flea) or very powerful shampoos killing parasites, and not your companion, or the nature range and its repulsive action.

You can also choose specific products according to the color of the hair (white, black), sensitive skins, shampoos adapted according to the age or according to the aroma released, lavender, camomile, macadamia, mink oil, hypoallergenic, detangling, calming, anti-odour.

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