Hair loss – symptoms, causes, and treatments

 Hair loss – symptoms, causes, and treatments


When hair falls out in abnormally high amounts, colorful factors may be involved. While androgenetic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss, other forms live, whether temporary or long- continuing, expansive, or localized. In all cases, a rapid-fire opinion is necessary in order to set up an applicable treatment that will promote hair growth.

What’s hair loss?

Hair loss can have numerous causes and manifest itself in different ways. In men, it’s most frequently linked to genetics and the goods of manly hormones that accelerate the life cycle of hair. After a certain number of cycles, the hair stops growing. In women, hair loss has numerous causes, including hormonal and else. For illustration, stress, thyroid problems, diabetes, etc. Some specifics can also beget hair loss.

How does hair grow?

On average, a head of hair contains between 100 hairs and as numerous hair follicles( each follicle produces a single hair). Every day, we lose between 50 and 100 hairs, which incontinently begin to grow back. 

Our hair grows in cycles. For a normal of two to five times in men and three to seven times in women, the follicle produces hair at a rate of about 2 millimeters per week( more in summer). This development stage is known as the” anagen stage”. It gradationally ends in one to two weeks(” catagen phase”). also, the” dead” hair remains attached to the cranium for about three months before falling out. This is the” telogen phase”. As soon as the hair falls out, the follicle resumes a growth phase.  

The course of this growth- telogen phase- fall cycle is told by diet, hormones( thyroid and sexual), heredity, certain growth factors, chemical intercessors of the nervous system, etc. 

Each hair follicle is suitable to ensure between 20 and 25 cycles before being exhausted. At an average rate of five times per cycle, between 100 and 125 times of hair are guaranteed! But occasionally this process gets out of control and abnormally high hair loss occurs. Pathological hair loss is generally considered to do when the number of hairs lost each day exceeds 100, or when an area of the crown loses further hair than the rest of the head. 

colorful means live to diagnose abnormal hair loss, for illustration, taking consecutive prints of a fixed area of the crown to count the hair in the telogen phase( phototrichogram). In addition, a bitsy examination of the hair( Trichogramma) can give information on the causes of this loss.

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

Hair loss can be localized or verbose, temporary or long-lasting. The classic manly pattern of baldness is a long-lasting localized form, on the top of the head. Hair loss after parturition, general anesthesia, or a cerebral shock, called telogen scrap, is a temporary verbose form, with complete regrowth in 3 to 4 months. Some localized hair loss can be contagious, similar to ringworm, or autoimmune, similar to alopecia.

The stylish vitamin to help hair loss

B vitamins stimulate the production of keratin, the protein that forms hair and nails. numerous salutary supplements designed to strengthen hair contain vitamin B8, or biotin, and vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid.

After reviewing the scientific data, the European health authorities have estimated that food supplements containing vitamin B8( biotin) can claim to contribute to the conservation of healthy hair if and only if these products contain at least7.5 micrograms of vitamin B8( biotin) per 100 g, 100 ml or per package if the product contains only one portion. 

On the other hand, salutary supplements containing vitamin B5( pantothenic acid) can NOT claim to be essential for healthy hair, nails, or skin.

What are the treatments for hair loss?

Treatments for hair loss depend on the cause. Ringworm is treated with the anti-fungal drug, while alopecia is treated with corticosteroids or ultraviolet light. verbose hair loss, similar to telogen scrap, grows back spontaneously and doesn’t bear treatment, except occasionally for iron supplements. manly pattern baldness can be averted with treatment if caught beforehand enough. Micro-transplants of hair from the sides are possible and their effect is long-lasting.

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