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Get more Instagram followers with these 8 tips to grow your real audience

Get more Instagram followers with these 8 tips to grow your real audience


Increase followers on Instagram: discover apps and tips to grow. How to get more followers? How to increase the number of followers on Instagram? Find out how to easily increase your followers with the tips in this article.


guide to increasing Instagram followers

Instagram is quickly becoming a serious tool for marketing, sales, networking, and audience building for individuals and brands. It is one of the most popular social networks on the planet, if not the most famous.

Case in point? Brand engagement rates on most social networks are below 0.1%, but Insta has ruined them all. The average engagement rate for Instagram brands in the 2014 Forrester study was 58 times that of Facebook.

How do you increase your followers on Instagram?

Sure, sharing is 58 times more than Facebook, which is all well and good, but you can do much better than that to increase your Instagram followers. Whether you’re a big brand or just wondering how to get famous on Instagram, Instaboss wants to help you reach a lot of people and make your account a reference on the network.

You’ll be able to increase your Instagram followers by working on these eleven cool Instagram tips. These tips will help you get attention for your captions, hashtags, profile, etc.

Find out what to post on Insta to attract more followers and get more exposure and engagement.

  • 8 tips to increase your Instagram followers.

1. Use your hashtag to get more followers


It’s great that you created the #garagedejoe hashtag for your business, but who is using it to share content about you?

When creating a hashtag, make sure it’s on your profile, but also display it offline, such as printing on receipts, print ads, and posters in your store and at related events.

Ask people to use your hashtag. Combine online and offline campaigns by making sure they appear on other social networks, on your website, and in your emails. Don’t just hope people find it, to increase your interactions and thus increase followers on Instagram.

2. Get creative with your hashtags to get tons of followers

When it comes to Instagram caption ideas, you need to look beyond the obvious, one-word hashtags. Sure, you can use those too, but mix it up and use hashtags to tell part of your story.

Fun, but not boring. Co-space company WeWork is great at this and also has a fun mix of Instagram content.

3. Engage in conversations with your friends

For each post, use a mix of themed hashtags like #woodworking for carpentry, for example, as well as very popular and popular hashtags to promote yourself on the platform and gain new followers on Instagram.

 Don’t hesitate to comment on photos posted on the same hashtags, it’s a great way.   

4. Edit your personal Instagram information to increase your Instagram followers.

This is a priority on your Instagram profile. Do you really want to link your resume to your website’s homepage now and forever? No. Use the link in your Instagram bio to drive traffic to your most relevant, most recent, or most popular content. 

5. Automate your account to increase Instagram followers.

Automating your Instagram account will allow you to interact daily with thousands of accounts on the platform and gain visibility on the social network.

6. Increase followers to your channel by taking care of your captions.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but you can’t completely neglect descriptions. National Geographic is great at using narration in their Instagram descriptions to encourage engagement and commitment from their followers.

Unlike other brands, NatGeo has thrived in the digital sphere and has become one of the most popular brands on Instagram, with over 50 million followers.

Like the other Instagram tips listed here, you’ll get better with time, so don’t worry if it looks weird at first. Your writing will improve when you find your business position on Instagram or your profile. Double down on your descriptions as well.

7. Interact with the great pages in your field.

Visit the profiles of all the people you’ve flagged as influencers in your industry (the ones who influence the people you want to follow) and “turn on post notifications” To acquire a notification whilst new content material is shared.

You can then interact with them regularly and become one of their favorite people or brands to consider a future collaboration that will increase your Instagram followers.


8. Select your tagged photos, which appear on your profile

If you just want to display the best user-generated content on your Instagram profile, you can. You won’t be able to completely remove tagged photos from Instagram, but you can edit the tags by selecting the ones you want to remove and clicking “hide from profile”.

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