Everyday insurance: all our 2022 tips

 Everyday insurance: all our 2022 tips


For certain everyday accidents, it is sometimes possible to benefit from assistance or compensation. Sometimes, you are already insured against these incidents without even knowing it and do not think to contact your insurance. For other claims, you may think you are covered without realizing that you need specific insurance. What kind of life insurance should I choose? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Accident coverage to protect you from everyday losses

Personal accident insurance can protect you and your family against accidents in the home (falls in the street, gardening injuries, etc.), medical accidents (misdiagnosis, etc.), and serious injuries during sports activities. …. Every year, accidents in everyday life affect 11 million people. It is the first cause of the accident in France with 100 times more accidents of life than road accidents. It is effective daily life insurance.

With life accident coverage, you can be compensated if you suffer a serious bodily injury resulting in a permanent partial disability (or PPI) higher than the threshold indicated in the contract or death, even if no responsible third party is identifiable or if you were injured alone. If the third party is identified, the third party’s personal liability coverage will be taken into account.

The risks covered by your contract depending on your insurer and the plan you choose. The objective is to benefit from the most optimal protection corresponding to your needs. For example, coverage for extracurricular risks, usually covered by school insurance, may be included in the higher plans. Similarly, work-related accidents and traffic accidents may be excluded from the basic plans.

On the other hand, for medical expenses generated by your pet, an animal insurance policy is more appropriate.

What is the price of accident insurance?

The price of an “accident insurance” varies according to the extent of the guarantees (risks covered, compensation ceiling, intervention threshold…), the age of the subscriber as well as the number of people to be guaranteed. Thus, the average monthly contribution is between 10 and 15 € per month for a single person, and between 20 and 25 € for a family. 

Protection against bank fraud

A transaction is fraudulent if it has not been authorized by the owner of the credit card. You can be the victim of fraudulent use of your bank card or a check. This is a relatively common loss that may require specific coverage. This everyday insurance takes the form of payment card insurance.

This is an insurance contract that the holder of a bank card and/or checkbook can take out to protect himself against the fraudulent use of his means of payment. This insurance can also include guarantees relating to cash theft, loss or theft of identity papers, loss of keys, etc. The guarantees offered differ from one bank to another and thus complement the guarantees included in the bank card. The subscription to this contract is optional and is renewed annually by tacit agreement.

You have a period of 14 days from the date of subscription to a means of payment insurance to check that you are not insured twice for the same guarantees and to decide to cancel the insurance contract without costs or penalties. 

Freezer food loss insurance

As a result of a fire or failure of your utility’s electrical system, power outages can occur. These outages can cause a lot of damage regardless of how long they last. It could be a power surge in an electrical or electronic appliance, but it could also be the failure of your freezer. This breakdown can lead to the loss of your foodstuffs.

  For the loss of these foodstuffs, it is possible to be compensated by your insurance company. For this, your home insurance contract must provide for this. There are covers such as the electrical accident guarantee or the food loss guarantee that can cover your claim.

Warning! Food losses will not be included in the compensation for a natural disaster.

It is also possible to be compensated by your EDF network. It happens that EDF compensates individuals who have suffered a disaster. If EDF is responsible for the power failure that caused the loss of your food, you can contact them. To do so, you must send a registered letter of complaint and request compensation with acknowledgment of receipt. In case of refusal, EDF will potentially be liable for legal action.

To be compensated, you must be able to present several pieces of evidence. First of all, you need proof of the origin of the loss. This is necessary in order to demonstrate that you are not responsible for the malfunction of your freezer. In addition, you must provide invoices and receipts for the foodstuffs you wish to be compensated for.

Specific coverage to be purchased as an option for lost or stolen keys

In addition to the assistance service or the breakdown service, it is possible that the insurance companies propose a specific guarantee “theft/loss of keys” in the multi-risk housing contracts. If it is not included, it is everyday life insurance that you should consider subscribing to as an option.

Check the general conditions of your contract carefully to see if this coverage is offered as an option or included in the higher packages.

This “theft/loss of keys” guarantee offers greater coverage than simple assistance. Indeed, it guarantees the reimbursement of the costs of replacing the lock (identical to the previous one) and making new keys.

Similarly, the cost of materials (lock, keys, etc.) is included in the compensation up to a maximum amount guaranteed: between €1,200 and €1,500 on average. The lock to be replaced must also be identical to the previous one and the number of keys must correspond to the number of insureds or persons living in the insured’s household. It may be advisable to check whether the lock meets the insurer’s expectations in terms of the means of protecting the home.

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