Digital Marketing

Digital marketing: (Definition + benefits + strategies) our complete guide 2022

Digital marketing: (Definition + benefits + strategies) our complete guide 2022

What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is one of the types of marketing spread in the world, which means marketing using digital platforms through the internet in the promotion of products and goods and their definition of them, i.e. carrying out the advertising campaign as a whole through the use of websitesŲŒWith the provision of online cash payment service, in addition to the ability to connect with and inspire consumers.

Digital Marketing vs Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing is often confused with Internet marketing, so it’s worth dwelling on this in more detail. Although digital includes all the tools of conventional Internet marketing, it is not limited only to online advertising and also uses digital channels that do not relate to the Internet. This can be TV advertising, applications, SMS mailing, etc.

This is a list of the most important features of digital marketing:

  1. If you need to introduce a rather limited target audience to a product or brand more deeply, then you should use contextual advertising, and create joint projects with the most popular sites for this audience.
  2. If the offer is aimed at young people and advanced, social media or various tools, mobile applications, and the internet will allow you to achieve the greatest coverage.
  3. If it is necessary to know the offer to the widest possible range of potential consumers, but television is not available, you can use viral content, online PR, and large-scale non-standard promotions. All these are the basics of digital marketing.
  4. The choice is often made on a wave of emotions, so a positive attitude is important. Beautiful photos, dynamic animations, and emotional videos will help to create them.
  5. Product promotion service requires constant communication with the customer and this is via various social media. It builds trust in the brand.

Disadvantages of digital marketing

  • There is no perfect promotion tool, digital marketing is no exception.
  • And most importantly, in digital marketing, you should always be aware of things, analyze them and guide the work. Single-use will not lead to success. Care must be taken to constantly monitor the situation and make the necessary changes.
  • And most importantly, in digital marketing, you should always be aware of things, analyze them and guide the work. Single-use will not lead to success. Where constant monitoring and changes are necessary. Despite the fact that digital marketing is the most effective and successful at the moment, many of the largest companies in the world are still not ready to implement it. Companies need leaders who can master and implement new technologies. Marketing professionals should analyze brands and predict the future. The most important element of digital marketing is to choose the right balance between human resources and technology according to the needs of the target customer.

What are salaries and opportunities in digital marketing?

Salaries can vary from simple to quadruple depending on the job performed and the level of experience. But according to a study by Aravalli, a recruitment company specializing in the digital field, a digital project manager will be hired with a salary of between 27 and 35, 000 euros. 

This salary can reach 65, 000 euros for professionals with 3-10 years of experience. A community manager starts from 25, 000 euros against 30, 000 euros for a social media manager, with a slightly more complete profile. The responsible acquisition, which usually has an entry of 5 and 10 years of experience, touches at least 65, 000 euros. At the top of the pyramid, we find a digital marketing manager who’s profile is around 100, 000 euros.

How do you do digital marketing?

You do not need any study or strategy to do digital marketing. Two of the major platforms, Google and Facebook, are childishly simple. So it is possible, in self-education, to learn how to deal with them and improve the dissemination of campaigns presented there. Google, Facebook, and most major technologies also offer certifications that a candidate can pass for free or thanks to their company. These certifications attest to your skills, for example, a Google Analytics certification shows that you are familiar with this Google tool.

Basic tools

Digital advertising has different types. The choice of a product, service, or brand promotion tool depends on them. Basic digital marketing tools:

  1. Content marketing (publications, blogs, etc.).);
  2. Email marketing (mailing lists)
  3. SMM (promotion of groups in social networks);
  4. Targeted advertising on social networks;
  5. Contextual advertising;
  6. Display advertising;
  7. SEO (website promotion in search engines);
  8. Partner programs;
  9. Company website;
  10. Audio and video advertising (social media sites .Story.Radio, etc.)

Content creation is the process of filling the media space with information (articles, videos, infographics, blogs, photos, etc.).) To attract public attention to a product or service. It is the basis of” inbound marketing ” – an affordable alternative to intrusive and expensive advertising. By creating interesting and useful content, companies gain a place in the market.

SMM or social marketing attracts the attention of traffic/audience through social networks. Thanks to the huge active audience, social networks are used to promote the brand, expand the audience, and even for active sales. It likewise assists with tracking down a faithful crowd, getting input, and incrementing client action.

A landing page (or on the other hand a whole site) that depicts an item and its advantages is the substance of the organization and is much of the time a business card, however a device for drawing in clients (leads). Change is the fundamental mark of the adequacy of the site.

The App Store has its own promotion mechanisms: ratings, reviews, popularity, and features. First of all, you need to design the product page qualitatively. Publicizing text, screen captures, recordings, work with evaluations, and audits this influences achievement.

SEO-getting traffic from search results in search engines is a long-term tool that requires working with both the technical part (improving the structure of the site, working with HTML and links) and with content that not only increases the ranking in the search results but also builds trust in the product and company.

Working with the Press, and managing the dissemination of information through electronic and traditional media, has much in common with the creation of content, but it is impossible to fully control the published information about the product.

User support is also important-providing customer service before, during, and after the purchase of the product. Good user support will help smooth out the shortcomings of the product and reduce the level of negativity.

The client ought to feel your anxiety and want to work on their item.

Today, great importance is attached to such a concept as the user experience-any aspect of human interaction with the product, including interface, graphics, design, content, and physical interaction.

 It is necessary to maximize the participation of users and take targeted action. If your application/product is not unique in the market, the user experience will be one of the main indicators influencing the choice.

Do not forget about strategic partnership-mutually beneficial relationships with other companies that work in the same field, but do not compete with your product. You can increase brand awareness, expand your audience, and increase user loyalty by partnering with other companies.

The exchange of affiliate links, joint promotions, and marketing campaigns makes it possible to reduce advertising costs and increase audience reach.

It is useful to use an affiliate marketing channel-a model of promotion with the help of other companies: distributors, distributors, and marketing companies.

This tool often helps startups that do not have experience, a large advertising budget, and human resources. The company takes minimal risks and pays for a specific result.

E-mail address: The traditional tool sends product information via email to a specific person or group of recipients. If it is configured correctly and the recipients of the mailing list are selected correctly, then this tool can become quite an effective way to sell.

Advertising networks are another online promotion tool close to affiliate marketing. Its essence is to receive traffic/users to the customer and payment for a particular user action. This is one of the most accurate and simple tools.

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages: The main thing is to determine the most effective set of tools. The use of only one tool will not give a serious result.

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