Daad Scholarship for Masters in Engineering in Germany 2023

Apply now for the Daad scholarship in Germany in the engineering major for free by getting an academic acceptance at a German university.

DAAD Masters Scholarships All Arab students wishing to study in Germany and who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the engineering disciplines can apply for a DAAD scholarship or in the fields of interior design, archaeology, urban planning/urban development, landscape architecture, or landscape design.

The Daad Masters Scholarship offers foreign graduates the opportunity to continue their studies in Germany by means of further or advanced studies. In addition, the Daad scholarship supports the exchange of experience and networking with professional students.


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Daad Scholarship  in Germany 2023

Conditions of the Daad scholarship for master’s students

  • You must have obtained your last degree less than 6 years ago at the time of application.
  • Applicants who have been in Germany for more than 15 months before the application deadline cannot be considered.
  • If the scholar is enrolled in a master’s or postgraduate program where residence abroad is provided, residence abroad can only be funded under the following conditions: – The residence is necessary to achieve the purpose of the scholarship. The duration of the stay must not exceed one-quarter of the fellowship period. Longer stays cannot be funded – stays in the home country are not funded.
  • Applicants for architecture must have a knowledge of the language of instruction that corresponds to the requirements of the desired university at the time the scholarship begins.
  • If you did not have the required language level at the university at the time you applied for the scholarship, your application must show how well you are still able to meet the required level.
  • Please check with the universities you are interested in if the required language skills must be demonstrated in the application for the required course.
  • Funding for German language skills
  • The application is submitted online via the DAAD portal. You must also send additional documents to the specified application site.
  • Please note that access to the application portal is only available during the current application deadline. After the application deadline, the portal for this program will not be available until the next application period.
  • Access to the application portal typically opens at least 6 weeks prior to the application deadline.

Funding of the Daad Masters Scholarship

  • Between 10 and 24 months, depending on the program chosen
  • Start date: Usually from October 1st of the year following application, earlier if a language course is available or required on your part
  • Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the study period of the chosen course (maximum 24 months).
  • All of the above may also extend the grant for the following year
  • Applicants who are already in the first year of a postgraduate course in Germany at the time of application can apply for the second year of study. In this case, the extension of the grant is excluded.
  • Monthly stipend of €861
  • Coverage of travel expenses
  • Health, accident, and liability insurance benefits
  • Monthly rent allowance
  • Additional monthly fees for accompanying family members
  • Payment of course fees for the online language course “Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO)” ( for 6 months after receiving the scholarship
  • If necessary: a language course (2, 4, or 6 months) before the start of the study visit
  • A scholarship for the German language course was chosen during the scholarship.
  • Pay the fees for the TestDaF exam, which is taken either in your country after receiving the scholarship or in Germany until the end of the funding period.
  • As an alternative to TestDaF for scholarship holders who have already taken a language course: reimbursement of the DSH exam taken during the scholarship.
Apply for the Daad Masters scholarship
  • You must first write to a German university to obtain admission in the relevant disciplines before
  • Then submit your DAAD scholarship application online
  • Certificates (report cards are not required), proof of completion, certificates, and translations can be scanned in an unauthorized form and uploaded to the DAAD portal. DAAD reserves the right to request certified copies of documents if necessary.

1. Documents to be downloaded from the DAAD portal

  1. Online application form
  2. A complete CV in table form
  3. Presentation of the professional and personal reasons for the planned study program in Germany (cover letter; 1-3 pages)
  4. For a Master/3 degree program
  5. “Information about the requisite master’s degree program” form
  6. If already available: Notification of acceptance from the host university
  7. If not yet accepted, the applicant must apply to the university in time and submit a confirmation of acceptance before the scholarship begins. Please note that you are responsible for submitting your application to the host university in a timely manner and that the DAAD scholarship confirmation will only be effective if you have been accepted into the
  8. One of the host universities specified in the application.
  9. For non-degree comprehensive studies:
  10. Confirmation of supervision by a German university professor.
  11. All university certificates for all annual examinations with single grades, including an explanation of the grading system.
  12. Translation into German or English of documents submitted in the national language.
  13. Certificate of completion of university studies indicating final grade(s); The certificate must be submitted prior to the start of the scholarship if studies are not completed at the time of application.
  14. List of all projects/plans submitted (see: with detailed information (size, date created, location, etc.)
  15. Acknowledgment (form) that the projects/plans were prepared or created by the applicant or who participated in the joint projects or plans. In the case of commercial or collaborative projects, the applicant’s independent contribution must be specified or documented.
  16. For German courses, proof of German language skills according to the European Framework of Reference or a DaF test at level B1 must be provided. To apply for an architecture course in German in Germany, universities must have a very good knowledge of German (at least B2, mainly C1). A DAAD scholarship application can be made at least at the B1 level and completed according to the European Framework of Reference or Test-DaF. Applicants must achieve the level required by the universities on their own initiative.
  17. Proof of English language skills according to the requirements of the desired English courses (e.g. TOEFL and IELTS)
  18. The language certificate must not be older than two years.
  19. Other documents that you feel are important for your application (e.g. proof of education, work experience)
  20. Current note: If you are unable to provide a language certificate due to Corona (e.g. because universities or language test centers are closed), please upload a corresponding reason with the self-assessment of your current language level according to the ESM in your application.
  21. However, please note that you will need proof of language proficiency to apply for a place of study and thus start the scholarship.
  22. If you still receive a language certificate after the application period ends, please submit it later. Tips for self-assessing your language skills can be found here in section A/Point 8.

2. Mail

  • Portfolio with work samples (for official requirements: see the information sheet “Additional Information for DAAD Scholarships in the Department of Architecture” at: Please do not upload work forms and/or files to the DAAD portal
  • In addition to the printed “Application Cover Sheet” of the “Application Summary”, which is generated in the portal in PDF format after completing the online application.
  • A current report from a university professor providing information about your qualifications
  • Send all applications to the following address DAAD Referat ST33 Kennedyallee 50 53175 Bonn Deutschland

You must submit everything listed below:

  • Documents must always be translated by a qualified translator and be kept with the originals.
  • A copy of your passport or national identity card
  • Copies of academic transcripts. Find out the required format here
  • declaration of intent
  • letter of motivation
  • letter of recommendation
  • CV
  • School/university transcript
  • Training certificates (if applicable)

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