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Conditions for profiting from short videos on YouTube – Make money from the Internet 2022

 Conditions for profiting from short videos on YouTube – Make money from the Internet 2022

Make money from the Internet 2022

How to profit from short videos on YouTube

YouTube allocates 100 million dollars to users of its new service on short videos. There is a new update, YouTube is always updated to follow other sites similar to their service, for example, Tik Tok, this feature is for short videos that do not exceed 60 seconds.

Knowing that short videos on YouTube can not be monetized, because no advertising is placed on them, for this reason, YouTube has allocated 100 million dollars as a down payment.

The YouTube administration will communicate directly with the owners of the channels that use the new feature and will pay them the money made by the short videos on their YouTube channels.

The new feature on YouTube, at first was only in the United States and India, now it is in all countries, including Arab countries, and the good news is of course that YouTube will distribute 100 million dollars to content creators, video owners, and users of the new feature.

The short videos will be in a box and this box on YouTube is called the short video box. Over the next 18 months, YouTube will reach thousands of channels and distribute $100 million to them. YouTube has not yet determined the amount allocated to each video with a large number of likes and views.

YouTube allocates $100 million to short videos

YouTube did not specify, there is no real information or figures from YouTube. For example, the channel that made this interaction will take this amount, or the video will take this amount, there are no exact numbers.

As we have already mentioned, these are videos that must meet all the requirements. In order to benefit from the support that YouTube has dedicated to the owners of short videos, and there are other conditions to also benefit from the new feature, the channel must not be subject to any infringement, whether related to copyright or violations of YouTube policy.

In addition, you need to classify the content of your channel, as the YouTube platform, usually, when you want one of your channels to join YouTube partners, your channel must meet all the conditions from 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing.

Create an Adsense account and link it to the channel

You create an Adsense account and link it to the channel, waiting for your YouTube channel to be reviewed, or your channel may be under review for a long time.

New update youtube 2022

In recent years, YouTube has been constantly updated, also for content creators, or even people who subscribe to or watch videos, on YouTube, as we mentioned to you earlier in this article, YouTube tries as much as possible to collect external services.

That you still have to pay on the YouTube platform and search for it or its applications, YouTube tries to match all services outside its platform that take time, YouTube only.

I hope you will take advantage of this explanation about the new feature of the YouTube platform, through which it will provide 100 million dollars to users of short videos. To know all the details and how the method of activating the profit on short videos will be, you will find it on this site.Scoopdzair_dz daily

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