Compare play station 5 to computer games (Pc vs ps 5)

 Compare play station 5 to computer games (Pc vs ps 5)


Probably many people will find themselves between buying a 5 5 x-T or a gaming computer (PC vs PS 5) in this article, we try to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each so you have a better choice.

The PlayStation 5 features a powerful 3rd generation octa-core processor, custom AMD RADEON Navi graphics cards, a disk drive with a hard drive, and an unmatched storage experience. A 4K BLUE-RAY graphics engine with packet tracing support gives gamers the power to play games in 8K and 120F PS.

The console version for the first time in November 2020, with attractive graphics and exclusive games, in addition to DualSense categories, a new generation of games in the DualShock category has the ability to customize with any player, making the game very attractive to any player. On the other hand, the huge case with a 16GB graphics card and Ram (R), combined with a large curved screen, allows you not only to play but also have the advantages of an excellent personal computer. A large selection of games can also be used for computer games.

PS 5 VS PC GAMING in terms of value and price

A PC gamer setup costs twice as much as a PS5, which is a little more than a PlayStation 5. Watch out for that good sentence! A computer that reaches the PlayStation 5 in terms of graphics processing and gaming speed. But getting the speed and graphics close to the PS5 will not only cost you but in any case, you will be deprived of the tracking system of PlayStation 4K packages. On the other hand, there is no news about Sony’s incredible and exciting exclusive games on PC.

Using the same limited and limited information, you can get the end result, and paying more for PC games offers fewer opportunities for players and users. Remember that this is a comparison of players, otherwise, it is clear that on PC, if we leave aside the discussion of the game, there are other possibilities and features that do not need to be mentioned here, Carel OL is just a game. Control Unit.

Comparison of PC game consoles with PS5 consoles

Support the new console of Sony elemental control (board games) the DUAL SHOCK 4 PlayStation 4 and the new DUALSENSE moves in the new generation of the PS5. Of course, for PS 5 games, you certainly need a new generation of consoles, because of the special features these consoles you need in these console games.

These additional features include adaptive triggers that, when pressed, mimic resistance and provide better tactile feedback. Sony says there’s a limit to how well gamers use the new features on PS 5. After just one year of launch, there are dozens of examples on DualSense that offer a unique experience compared to the DualShock 4. Astro’s advanced game room, the PS5, allows for adaptive boosting and a full range of multi-touch. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War tries to resist the safety of the operator while allowing you to Kena: Bridge of Spirits feel the drag of the bow, then we get to the keyboard and mouse on your PC. The speed of their work has increased and we often feel its use.

PS 5 ou PC quand il s’agit de puissance!

The PS5 is powered by an AMD Zen 2 octa-core processor clocked at 3.5GHz and an AMD RDNA 2 GPU (10.28 teraflops) that comes with 16GB of RAM for excellent gaming performance. It also has fantastic 4K at 120 fps in some titles, which is great, and with 8K on the horizon with future firmware updates, there’s a lot to look forward to. So if you choose one of the best 4K TVs or HDMI 2.1 monitors to match your PS5, your games should be very impressive and incredibly smooth. The PS5 also comes with an ultra-fast 825GB internal storage, with an impressive 5.5GB/s download speed. While the 825GB storage is enough, if you need more space, you can get the best M.2 SSD for PS5 and increase it by another 4TB.

As far as PC specs go, they are interchangeable and limited to your budget, and the best processors and GPUs work better than the PS 5, though they cost more. Keep in mind that you can combine the use of a powerful external drive with your computer’s internal SSD drive to get great capacity. Most of the best gaming computers can use peripherals that the PS 5 can NOT use, such as 360 Hz salient displays and standalone graphics cards that, if chosen correctly, can deliver equal or better performance.5. Also, the brands that support ray tracing on a computer are much larger than controllers, but the fact that the PS 5 supports packet tracing in some titles is still interesting.

Comparaison de l’infographie avec la PS 5

Used PlayStation 5 AMD RNDA graphics with over 10.28 TFLOP of computing power, and 4K HD coordination games at 120 frames per second. But on your computer, there are no restrictions on the choice of graphics card for your computer, and of course, there are no restrictions other than your budget. But considering that the price of laptops is equal to the price of a PC, your computer will not get an attractive graphics card.

Finally, after comparing your gamer PC to the PS5, which one would you choose?

Smooth graphics, and exclusive, unique, and control of the new generation DUALSENSE, and which is comfortable, the tracking sensor of the package and attractive support features for PS4 games and many more exclusive games like DEMONS SOULS, and GRAN TURISMO 7, are some of the introductions to the PlayStation. Reasonably priced (world price of course). On the other hand, PC games with greater processing power and easy upgrade potential, a large selection of games from the last decades to the last in the world, as well as countless uses can be considered a personal computer with high graphics. Advantages-SUR5 5.


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