chevening 2023 scholarship – conditions and how to apply

The 2023 UK Government Chevening Scholarship is awarded to international students who demonstrate leadership potential and who also have a strong academic background.

It offers financial support to study for a master’s degree at any UK university and the opportunity to become part of an influential global network of 50,000 alumni.

The Chevening Scholarship is a fully financed award with a value of more than £18,000. Many pupils look in this direction. For the fortunate recipient, the scholarship pays the following costs:

Chevening offers fully funded scholarships, allowing you to focus on achieving your academic goals and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

You will live the Chevening Fellowship and study in the UK for one year, during which time you will grow professionally and academically, develop your network, experience British culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK.

The call for new applicants for the British Chevening Fellowship follows the selection of nearly 1,800 scholars who won an award to study at a British university this year.

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Chevening 2023 Scholarship 

Chevening Scholarship Program 2023

The Chevening Fellowship Program is the UK government’s worldwide leadership development program. This initiative is funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organizations.

Chevening offers two types of awards – Chevening Fellowships and Chevening Scholarships – with recipients personally selected by British embassies and high commissions around the world.

The Chevening Scholarship is a fully financed award valued at more than £18,000. Many pupils look in this direction. The following expenditures are covered by the scholarship for the lucky winner:

Tuition fees, living expenses, travel expenses, and visa fees contribute to health tests such as tuberculosis testing if the applicable duration of the Chevening opportunity is one year and is renewable for students who are already receiving the package.

Chevening Scholarship Disciplines

List of majors in the Chevening Scholarship program:

  • Hotel Management
  • Antiquities and Museums
  • International Economics
  • political economy
  • Economics and Business
  • Accounting
  • optics
  • Date
  • Education
  • Electronic Marketing
  • Visual design and effects
  • the graphic plan
  • Photography
  • education
  • Nutrition
  • Technology and computers
  • Breastfeeding
  • geography
  • Islamic studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Japanese studies
  • Sports
  • Mathematics
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Press and media
  • General Health
  • Pharmacy
  • Human medicine
  • Human medicine and dentistry
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Molecular medicine
  • Aviation
  • Adhesion
  • natural therapy
  • social science
  • human sciences
  • applied sciences
  • analytical chemistry
  • digital science
  • agricultural sciences
  • political science
  • architecture
  • art, music, and design
  • Arts
  • Design, visual communication, and film
  • Physics
  • law
  • law and politics
  • chemistry
  • Languages
  • Spanish language
  • Danish language
  • Arabic language
  • German language
  • English language
  • French language
  • Latin language
  • Linguistics and Cultural Studies
  • Accounting
  • electronic simulation
  • human resources
  • Music
  • Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Biomedical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • All majors
  • scholarships in natural and social sciences
  • Medical Science Scholarships
  • Military Science Scholarships
  • Aquatic Scholarships
  • History of Art and Civilization Scholarships
  • Bio-Nanotechnology Scholarships
  • Scholarships in textile technology
  • granting human rights
  • Scholarships in entrepreneurship
  • dental scholarships
  • biology scholarships
  • Psychology and psychiatry scholarships
  • data science scholarships
  • scholarships in space science
  • philosophy scholarships
  • Energy Engineering Scholarships
  • chemical engineering scholarships
  • Petroleum Engineering Scholarships
  • Software Engineering Scholarships
  • Computer and Information Technology Engineering Scholarships
  • Metallurgical and Manufacturing Engineering Scholarships
  • Telecommunications Engineering


Conditions of the Chevening Scholarship

Students eligible to apply for the Chevening Scholarship Program are:

  1. Citizens of countries that have agreements with the scholarship program
  2. Return to the country of citizenship for a period of at least two years after completion of study
  3. Have an undergraduate degree that will allow you to enter a postgraduate program at a British university.
  4. This is generally equivalent to a British second-class degree of 2: 1.
  5. It is possible to apply in any field of study specified in advance by the university scholarship
  6. The applicant’s age must not be higher than previously determined by the donor (see the Application section).
  7. You must have a previous degree that meets the requirements of the Chevening Scholarship program
  8. Submit the application with all relevant documents and data.
  9. Late submission of the application or lack of documentation will result in the rejection of the application
  10. You must meet all the requirements and criteria for admission to the institution (university).
  11. Complete the entire scholarship application within the specified time frame
  12. You must have a recognized university degree.
  13. Have the right motivation and drive to apply
  14. Be an eligible national to apply for a Chevening scholarship
  15. To obtain an unconditional acceptance from one of these universities
  16. There is no specific age
  17. Return to the country of your original nationality for at least two years after the end of the scholarship
  18. Choice of three graduate programs at three different universities
  19. Meet the specific English language requirements of the Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship Benefits

Chevening Scholarship Funds Tuition

  1. This scholarship covers travel expenses
  2. This scholarship covers accommodation costs
  3. You will receive assistance with your student visa application
  4. The cost of living will be covered by a monthly stipend.
  5. You will receive other benefits offered by the granting institution

How to Apply for a Chevening Scholarship

You must first be admitted to an accredited British university

  1. After you have been accepted, log on to the official scholarship website below.
  2. Create a new account on the official Chevening Scholarship website.
  3. Complete the scholarship application information.
  4. Attach the required documents to the application beforehand.
  5. Send the application to the donor.


The documents

Documents must be translated by a competent translator, and the original must be preserved

  1. a duplicate of your passport or national identification card
  2. Copies of academic transcripts
  3. declaration of intent
  4. letter of motivation
  5. letter of recommendation
  6. CV
  7. School/university transcript
  8. Training certificates (if applicable)

Sign up

The official website

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