Acura MDX 2022

 Acura MDX crossover of the new generation: serial version

Acura MDX 2022

Surprisingly, there is no hybrid version of hybrid version, but the Japanese decided to replace the S-type version with a “clean” 355 hp engine. C. This did not diminish the demand for the new product, because it was large, technologically advanced, and beautiful in its own way.


The Aquara Mds is a “made” car for the US market and only fitted to Alabama.

The mid-sized crossroads sat comfortably with stable sales in North America and is set to offer a new level of comfort and style to Japanese brand fans when the fourth generation is released.

First, these are the dimensions: The transition to a new platform has increased the wheelbase by 72 mm.

(2891 mm), body length 56 mm (5039 mm), and width 25 mm. (1999 mm) At the same time, the “glory” distance between the front wheel and the front wheel axle increased immediately by 152 mm, and overall body expansion required the installation of new tires: 19-inch tires instead. 18 inches.

Car body

The Japanese introduced the new version of the cross-version two months before the premiere, in a prototype presentation. He immediately explained that the manufactured car repeats the concept design 99% of the time, and this proved to be true.

Almost all body parts have been modified, but only the general style has been improved, with many product features.

The Japanese regarded the increase in rigidity as a significant success, and although they saw the new 2022 Acura MDX crossing, no doubt, little attention was paid to the design, as the look of the car became more dignified, more legal. It is very important for the main brand.

Car interior design

The Aquara MDS received a digital device cluster (the first for the Aquara models) and immediately acquired a 12.3-inch screen with several graphics options. Another screen with the same signal is located in the center of the console, but the multimedia control is located on the touch screen below.

The interior of the hallway itself was three rows, and in the second row the Japanese used a really simple and clever solution: the three-seater sofa could easily be converted into two captain seats, thanks to the assembled center. At the same time, it can be folded to create a comfortable table between the seats.

Descriptions and packaging


Atmospheric “Six” powered by 3.5 liters (294 hp, 362 Nm) still serves as the main engine for the Japanese SUV. The changes only apply to the broadcast. It offers a 9-speed “automatic” 10-speed “automatic” mode, which is controlled by buttons and paddles on the leaderboard.

The cheapest Acura meds upgrade comes with a front-wheel drive, and the most expensive upgrades come with a sh-od system, which includes two clutches – each for a different rear wheel.


MDS version: Type

And with the “Sport” tendencies, the Japanese offer the S version of the 6-liter 3.0-liter turbo engine rather than the old mix. The maximum power reaches 360 horsepower. (264 kW), power – 480 Nm. In addition, a calibrated gearbox, Brembo brakes mounted on the front wheel hub, front seats, and a 1000-watt audio system are featured in the “Charger” edition with 25 speakers in the cabin.



The Akura brand entered the Russian market in 2014 at a time of crisis, so there was very low demand, forcing it to stop selling the car two years later. The return of the Japanese premium brand is yet to be announced, so the price of the new Aquara MDX Crosser remains only in the United States: from 4,46.9 thousand for basic upgrades to over 60.6 thousand.

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